Monthly Archives: September 2015

Progress Report 21- 25th September 2015


Quite a lot of progress this week! Programming Progress Early in the week, we continued implementing sound in game as well as fixing some of the sound bugs. It’s working quite well for the main part, so we opted to move onto other features. Various aspects of the AI have ...

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Progress Report 14- 18th September 2015


We’ve had a change of plan in regards to working on the AI, which was going to be this weeks main focus. Instead, we made the decision to tackle audio so our sound designer could get started on the sound effects and test them out in game. There’s still a ...

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Progress Report 5- 11th September 2015


Firstly, we’re no longer just a two man team any more. We now have several new members who have recently joined up on the project. We’ve finally produced some concept art for the game, however now we’re working towards creating a fresh new 3D model for the wolf character to ...

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Progress Report 1- 4th September 2015


Our very first progress report. This week we successfully implemented the small demo scene which was created the week prior into our latest prototype build. This build currently has real time lighting and shadows. We’ll be testing various lighting set ups and optimisations for the current environment over the coming ...

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So it begins…


Our website for our game Blight has been finally created and we can start documenting our progress here. Up until recently we have been working on Blight behind closed doors. Now we’ve made some solid progress on the initial prototype, it’s finally time to look towards bringing in some new ...

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