Monthly Archives: October 2015

Progress 19th – 26th October


Progress on the conversion from Unity to Unreal is going well. There were a few environments created in Unity so we decided to come up with a tool to export these into UE4. In the process we’d also get a good understanding of how UE4 works. The tool isn’t finished, ...

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Progress 12th – 18th October – 2015


Another late update but we’ve made a major change in the game’s development. We’ve now made the decision to switch from Unity 5 to Unreal Engine 4 (UE4 for short). This will delay our progress on the game momentarily, but we should be getting back up to speed ASAP. It ...

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Progress 5th – 11th October – 2015


I’m a little late with this week’s progress report, but here it is at last. We improved the AI set up in game so we can now quickly and easily import new enemy types. Base stats, weapon size and movement speed are slightly altered depending scale too. Obviously we’ll still ...

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Progress Report 28th September – 2nd October 2015


It’s been a insanely busy week this week and we’ve made some really good progress. We now have some musical scores in game, which we’ll show off in the coming weeks. Here’s this weeks concept art. First up is a nice water colour depicting Kalbe and the unaffected radius that ...

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