Progress 10th – 16th November

The conversion from Unity to UE4 is still going strong, but unfortunately there’s not a huge amount of visuals to show the progress on that.

However… Progress on the sculpt has been going well, some of the progress here is from last update, but as that one became quite large this was unintentionally missed out. Still a fair bit to go on this.

WolfSculptProg2 SculptPro1

This is the bracer for the left arm, still more to go on this.

BracerProg2 BracerProg1You may have noticed the concept art last update featured several variations of the character below. This the final design for the Shaman. I don’t want to say too much about this one just yet but we’re all very pleased how this one turned out.


As we’re not professional 3D artists (as of writing that is), we’re picking up quite a lot as go along. This week an old 3D model of the main character’s sword was given a new texture as part of a texturing test.