Progress 5th – 11th October – 2015

I’m a little late with this week’s progress report, but here it is at last.

We improved the AI set up in game so we can now quickly and easily import new enemy types. Base stats, weapon size and movement speed are slightly altered depending scale too. Obviously we’ll still need to tweak the values later, but it’s a good starting point.

The camera has seen some more significant changes, especially to the collision behaviour. I’d say we’re pretty close and a nice improvement over what it was.

Our new composer has been creating some fantastic soundtracks for the game.

The sculpt’s progress has been fairly slow this week but it is still a learning exercise. We’ve started adding some more detail to it as well as making a start on the armour. There’s still quite a bit to go but it’s shaping up quite well.


Progress on the initial greybox level has been quite good this week and quite a lot of new placeholder meshes have been created for it. The level is currently playable but doesn’t have any AI, or real lighting.


The very basic shapes for the geometry are there for the main part however and the scale seems to be working rather well. Oh and the placeholder character has some pants! πŸ™‚