Progress Report 21- 25th September 2015

Quite a lot of progress this week!

Programming Progress

Early in the week, we continued implementing sound in game as well as fixing some of the sound bugs. It’s working quite well for the main part, so we opted to move onto other features.

Various aspects of the AI have been fixed and improved. AI hearing has been implemented and vision has been further improved for better functionality. Both of these are now easily configurable so various races and classes can have different detection values. We’ve still got a long way to go with the AI of course.

We’ve implemented a working HUD at last. Nothing fancy, but it’s a welcomed addition. The grey bar there, is the temporary charge indicator for leap.



The beginnings of the leaping system are now in. It works on a simple charge system which, depending on character’s movement speed will alters how fast, high and how far the leap will be. From a stationary position a fully charged leap is useful for grabbing high ledges. Whilst dashing, leap can be used to quickly close the gap or even make a hasty retreat.

It’s not where we want it yet, but here’s a sneak peek of it in action with the current placeholder character and animations.

Concept Art

We’ve finished the concept art for the main character, his starter armour, Gauntlet and main weapon.



stormswordsThis a view of Kalbe, one of the game’s towns.



We have an animator working on the project now. There wasn’t much chance of us having the sculpt and game model ready sadly. Our old model doesn’t quite match either, so a new placeholder model for the main character was created complete with armour.



It’s heavily based on the sculpt’s proportions. It isn’t the prettiest looking of models I know but it’s only placeholder. It’s now rigged and ready for custom animations!