Progress Report 28th September – 2nd October 2015

It’s been a insanely busy week this week and we’ve made some really good progress. We now have some musical scores in game, which we’ll show off in the coming weeks.

Here’s this weeks concept art. First up is a nice water colour depicting Kalbe and the unaffected radius that surrounds it.


Next we have 2 elemental concepts, Earth and Water.

earthelementalcoloured waterelemental

We’re making some fairly good progress on the wolf model. Here’s a sneak peek at how he looks currently.



Plenty more work to be done but he’s coming together nicely.

We’ve made some great progress on the programming this week and fixed a lot of annoying little bugs. We’ve really refined the jump system and the camera has seen some much needed attention.

There’s a new environment in the works too, which is still in the grey/orange box stage. This will provide an adequate base for us to try out some new design ideas, work out the ideal scale for the new assets, test some mechanics in a game environment, AI behaviours and highlight any other potential problems that may arise. That and level design is fun…