The lands of Berigan were first ravaged by a great war, a war which would see once sworn enemies, fight side by side against a far bigger threat. The invading forces of Berigan were eventually defeated, but before the victors could celebrate their hard earned victory, another threat had emerged from the ashes.

The unrelenting, never before seen crystal blight quickly began swarming throughout Berigan. These glowing, seemingly indestructible and unstoppable pink crystals sprouted from ground and rubble. Their effects were catastrophic on all nearby plant and animal life. Trees withered, entangled by never before seen vine-like plants that sprouted alongside the crystals. Smaller and weaker animals were often drained of their life, their emaciated corpses littering the landscapes. The larger and more predatory creatures were almost unrecognisable. Their bodies now hulking and contorted, with blight crystals protruding from their bodies.

The survivors weren’t prepared for this new threat, sending out battalions in an attempt to destroy it. Their efforts proved futile and many of those who remained hid behind the tall stone walls that had once protected them the invaders. The walls however proved no obstacle to the crystal blight as it spread its way up the walls and into the remaining cities.

It’s effect on the survivors was often very different. Some were drained of their life, often the infirm and elderly, others seemed immune and completely unaffected by the effects.

Undetected, The Crystal Blight had quickly infected the minds of many of the city inhabitants and whilst some were truly immune, there was no way for the survivors detect it.

The battalions that were sent out to destroy the crystals eventually returned to the last remaining cities. Their bodies had become altered, much like those of the predatory animals, that too stood beside them. Amongst these battalions were also survivors from the invading forces, their appearances equally affected.

It was at this moment that the true scale of the crystal blight’s effect became known. Those within the walls who were previously deemed immune quickly turned on those who were. Chaos quickly erupted and soon the doors were opened the armies that stood outside to enter.

There were very few survivors and one by the one the cities soon fell to the Blighted forces, the last to fall being Rill, the human capital and head quarters of the Alliance forces.

All hope seemed lost, however several smaller locations, scattered throughout Berigan appear immune from the Crystal Blight and its forces.

One of these locations has finally discovered the secret to stopping the Blight, but with no way of venturing into the infested areas in fear of becoming infected this knowledge is of little use.

That was until a lone, exhausted soldier from the nearby fallen arrived at their gates, unaffected and seemingly immune from the Blight…