Hack n’ Slash, with a twist.

Blight is a 3D hack ‘n slash, action/horror role playing game set in the post apocalyptic medieval fantasy world of Berigan. It features a unique blend of traditional Hack ‘N Slash Combat, with the addition of several werewolf inspired abilities for added combat flavour.

Blight also features secondary strategy based element, which makes use of the talents of fellow survivors. Players can retake necessary resources to capitalise on this. Rebuild and reinforce the pockets of resistance, as well as the vulnerable resources from the Blighted hordes. Train and arm a militia to help defend these resources, as well as assist in the final battle are necessary to achieving victory.

One individual cannot be expected achieve victory alone.


  • Unique blend of traditional 3D Hack ‘N Slash combat, with the addition of several werewolf inspired abilities, making full use of the main character’s natural abilities.
  • Variety of races and factions, each with their own unique cultures, weapons, armour, combat styles and architectural designs.
  • Simple, yet highly customisable character build system which allow for a variety of playstyles. Focus on any of the three main skill areas or combine all three:
    • Shaman – Offers a range of magical abilities, that are offensive, defensive or utility based.
    • Enforcer – Focuses on melee weapon skills and defensive abilities.
    • Primal – Take full advantage of the primal abilities. Leap, pounce and take a bite sized chunk out of your enemies, just be sure to not bite off more than you can chew!
  • A variety of spell types
  • Unique spell quickslot system that promotes experimentation and exploration.
  • Strategy elements. Rebuild, take and hold resources and train militia to assist in major battles.

Blight is currently being developed by a small team of highly dedicated individuals. It’s currently being developed with Unreal Engine 4 for the PC and hopefully distributed via the Steam Greenlight system.

Currently we’re focusing our efforts on developing the prototype into a short but polished, playable demo. This will help us achieve the funding we’ll need to finish Blight to the standard it truly deserves. There’s a long road ahead of us, but we’re determined to achieve our goal.